Pruning Sucks!

A few years ago, the enormous live oak tree in the front of our house had grown over our roof allowing squirrels and other little creatures access to our attic. Grass wouldn’t grow in the yard because the sun couldn’t quite reach through the dense leaves and branches.


It needed pruning.

Being someone who greatly respects heights (ie, is terrified of being on a six-foot ladder), I called an arborist (did you know there was a name for this? A person who cares for trees; yay for the English language). He came out and pruned our tree.

The poor tree looked under distress. Sap or something like it bled from the raw places where it had been cut.

Tender, green bark showed where it once was brown and tough.

Why in the world am I telling you about my tree? I mean, who really cares, right?

We, as believers in Christ, are like that tree!

The Lord prunes us. When we submit our lives to His authority and goodness, He begins the process of pruning.

He cuts a metaphorical branch here. He trims another one over there.

These look different on all of us.

For me, He’s shown me that gossip is not of Him. Even if I had carefully wrapped it up in a pretty little package with a gorgeous bow called, “Let’s pray for Suzie.” If I was sharing (and I still get the nudge from the Holy Spirit in this area on the daily) something that I DID NOT NEED TO SHARE, that’s gossip and it needs to be pruned in my life.

He’s shown me that I don’t have the right to be hurtful to others simply because I have great hurt in my past. My past abuses (sexual, physical, emotional, verbal) do not give me license to make poor choices now. They do not give me the right to hurt others in response to my own pain.

The Lord has pruned HUGE branches in this area in my life.

Let’s face it: pruning SUCKS!

Yes, it sucks.

The results are great!

We have a beautifully shaped tree (self) with lovely branches (characteristics) with vibrant green leaves (relationships, friendships), but it doesn’t get there overnight (unless the Holy Spirit wants to work a miracle…and He can if He chooses).

It takes time!

It hurts!

But it’s worth it!

I am thankful to the Lord for loving me enough to continue pruning my life every day.

I may not enjoy the process, but I am thankful for the result.

He is a good Father who wants good for me!

He feels the same about you, my friend.

Where can He start the pruning process in your life?

If you don’t even know then pray this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father, you know my heart better than I do. You have known me since before the creation of this universe. You love me deeply and without flaw. You want good for me in my life. You want to make me more like You and less like me. Lord, show me where you want to prune me. Use your spiritual shears to snip away the dead areas of my life. Give me Your peace and Your strength as you love me in this way. Bring Your people into my life to help me along this path. Thank You for all your good gifts!



Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash


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