Do the Scary Thing!

I have a sweet friend who sends me adorable memes and GIF’s with the “Just Do It” slogan as she cheers on my efforts to write a book. I’ve been blessed by friendships that encourage me to do the scary things if they are honoring to God.

The biggest scary thing is to write the book that God has placed on my heart.

While texting a friend (instead of writing), we were discussing the business ventures her family are undertaking right now. I told her I was so proud of her for stretching outside her comfort zone! How exciting to do the thing you dream of doing, but were afraid to start.

She said it was exiting, but also scary.

That made me think…almost every worthwhile thing I’ve done in my life has been exciting AND terrifying.

Rarely has it been one without the other.

The stakes are high.

It requires going far outside my comfort zone, but the rewards have been great.


What worthwhile endeavor have you undertaken lately?

What is exciting and scary at the same time for you?


Photo by Yukie Emiko on Unsplash


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