For the One Who Made Me a Mother

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My Thousand Gifts, Day Six


For my sixth day of gifts, I’m celebrating my eldest daughter. I don’t know if I am feeling nostalgic because we celebrated her birthday yesterday or I’m just growing more nostalgic as I get older. As I look at the woman – I can’t even call her a little girl anymore – she’s become, I am amazed at how much both of us have grown since her birth.


Ever since early childhood, you could find her with a pencil or crayon in her hand. Always drawing or coloring, I imagined she’d grow up to be an artist. But the practical side of me always looked for a “reasonable” way for her to incorporate her art into a “real” job.

the artist, the one who made me a mother

Art –such an intricately woven portion of her life – has sustained her through some challenging seasons.  It seems to hold her together as she creates beauty from graphite and wood pulp… or glass and fire…or clay and water.


The possibilities seem endless.


She and I may not always see eye to eye on everything…even some of the big things, but she is the gift that made me a mother.


Her existence, like the art she creates, shaped me into a completely different woman than the one before her arrival on this Earth. Click To Tweet


Thank you, my beautiful, opinionated, unbelievably talented daughter.



Thank you for…

pushing me to know myself deeper,

challenging me to strive harder,

allowing me to see the depth of my love,

and bringing the sweetest boy into this world who calls me Nanny.


I love you forever, my child…even if you are taller than me.


Thank you for being you…the one who made me a mother.







Photos by on Unsplash

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash



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