Why Confession is a Gift

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Confess to One Another

A key component of the Christian life is the willingness and ability to confess our struggles to the Lord and to one another.  Over the past week or two, I’ve had an underlying sense of loneliness and lack of belonging.

I know these feelings are not from the Lord and are lies from the enemy to keep me from fully living the life God has for me.

Knowing something is a lie is huge!

It helps keep a light focused on that dark area and disallows the lies to grow into resentments, frustrations, and angers. Yet, sometimes, a tiny seed of those lies can still take root without sharing them with others. Until last night, I’ve held onto those fears without sharing them with my husband, my community, my friends, or accountability partners.

Why would I do that? It seems silly when I know the freedoms available to me with confession.

I tell myself, “I don’t want to burden anyone!”

I tell myself, “I don’t want to seem needy!”

I ask myself, “What if these fears are TRUE and people really DON’T love me or want me around?”

My not sharing these burdens and fears CREATED a greater fear and space between my Savior and me.

A tiny little, “What if Jesus ISN’T enough?” burrowed itself into my heart and started to take root.

The effects of that were:

  • Jealousy of others around me
  • Feeling left out of events, parties, and conversations
  • Old feelings of inadequacy and unacceptance re-ignited in my heart
  • Bitterness and anxiety grew inside my heart

All of that happened in a couple of weeks because I wasn’t checking my heart! I wasn’t immediately confessing my struggles and allowing the Lord’s people to pray over me and show me Jesus through their love and actions. Click To Tweet

When I do things like this, I allow the enemy a small victory in my life.

I don’t know about you, but, as a believer, I NEVER want to give the enemy a win!


So, I got on the phone last night and reached out to a sister in Christ and shared my heart with her. I spoke with my husband about my fears and frustrations.

I brought my darkness to the light.

And today, I feel a bit better about it all.

I don’t suddenly feel loved and cherished and wanted by all.

But I do remember, this morning, I am:

  • Chosen
  • Loved
  • Beloved
  • Wonderfully made
  • Fearfully made
  • In the image of the most high God
  • A daughter of the King

My identity is NOT in how others see me (or how I THINK they see me).

It is in the cross.

It is in the sacrifice my savior made for ME.

It is it the love poured down over me because He wants good for my life.

Jesus is enough! Click To Tweet

And friend, He wants GOOD for YOUR life too!

He wants you to fully live in the light.

He wants you to be free of all unrighteousness.

He wants you to experience the gift of confession too!

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  • Connie April 26, 2018 at 2:49 am Reply

    Loved this. Thanks

    • AlyndaLong April 26, 2018 at 3:14 am Reply

      Thanks so much, Connie! Blessings to you!

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