The Gift of my Past

I never, ever (EVER!) thought I would consider my story of sexual abuse a gift.


Somehow over the past two years, the Lord has completely transformed this area of my life. He’s taken the darkest, most disturbing parts of me and transformed them into a gift for other women.  On Monday night, I sat in a circle of celebration with seven other women with similar stories of abuse in their lives. We laughed and we cried. We share a sisterhood in Christ and in recovery from our pain. We are all on the same journey of healing. Some of us a bit further down the path than others, but we still walk toward the light that the Lord offers to us.

Listening to the way the Lord has begun the healing process in their lives over the past five months brought such joy to my heart! Knowing that He has called me to walk alongside other hurting people just blows my mind.

He really can redeem anything, y’all!


What struggle in your life has He turned into a gift?

What seems like an insurmountable issue in your life that He could use?

We serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

He specializes in using hurt and broken people for His glory.

How can he use YOU?


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