How Are We Building God’s Temple Today?

1 Chronicles, be courageous, to the work, building His temple

This morning, cup of coffee in hand, with an unusually quiet house, I opened my Bible to 1 Chronicles. I must admit that the Chronicles haven’t always been on the top of my list of the books of the Bible, but something about 1 Chronicles 28:20 caught my eye.

We see the phrase “Be Courageous” (or some variant of it) numerous times throughout the text.

It makes sense. God wants us to have courage in Him. If we trust in Him then He will provide the way.  But another phrase in 1 Chronicles 28:20  caused me to stop…

“Do the work.”

Do the work. Not only are we to have courage in God, but we are not to sit idly by while He leads us. We must do whatever work it is He has for us in our lives. In this passage, David is telling his son, Solomon, to build God’s temple.

But what work does God have for US TO DO TODAY?

How are we to serve Him well?

He’s called me to write a book showing His glory and redemption.

The Lord calls me to be a wife, mother, and sister in Christ.

He’s called me to serve other hurting women who seek His healing.

Those are big calls on my life and sometimes I get discouraged.

Sometimes I get tired.

But, He wants to guide me and He wants me to do His work.

He wants to sustain me in each day.

What work has He called YOU to do, my friend?

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What temple are YOU to build for HIM?

Let’s encourage one another as we go about building the temples the Lord has for us.

Let’s love one another well as we serve His people well.

How may I come alongside you TODAY in prayer and deed to help you?

Please message, comment, or email me if I may serve you in your work.






  • Dana Davis May 2, 2018 at 12:21 pm Reply

    You are doing “the work,” and doing it well.

    • AlyndaLong May 2, 2018 at 4:28 pm Reply

      Oh thank you, dear Dana! I appreciate your encouragement! It’s a daily struggle to stay on task! Blessings, my beautiful friend!

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