Lies of the enemy: Types of Lies

lies of the enemy, lies about myself, lies about God, lies about the Christian faith

The enemy’s Greatest Weapon

Last week, we discussed the enemy of the Christian faith. He has many, many names. His primary role is to keep us from a relationship with Christ. He does one thing better than anyone else. He is absolutely the best spinner of lies! Deception is his game, and he doesn’t play fair. If you ask ten different people what lies he tells them, you’ll probably get ten different responses.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share some of the major lies he’s told me in my life. I’ll also share what God’s word says about each one. If I don’t rely on Truth (AKA the Bible) to counter his lies, I walk down a dark path.  I hope some of the lessons I’ve learned the hard way may help you in your spiritual battle too.

Categories of Enemy’s Lies

I’ve discovered the lies tend to fall into one of three categories:

  • Lies I believed about myself
  • Lies I believed about God
  • Lies I believed about the Christian faith

Some of the lies I’ve believed about myself include:

  • I’m not worthy of love
  • My past sins are unforgivable
  • I’m incapable of changing
  • I’m not equipped to witness to others
  • I don’t really need to confess my sins

Some of the lies I’ve believed about God include:

  • God lets bad things happen to me
  • God isn’t big enough
  • God doesn’t care about my daily life, only my eternal one

Some of the lies I’ve believed about the Christian faith include:

  • I don’t really have a spiritual enemy
  • I can’t live a fulfilling life as a believer
  • I don’t really need a Biblical community
  • Prayer doesn’t work

armor of God

I encourage you to keep a journal along the way. Perhaps some of the lies he’s told me are familiar to you. Perhaps he attacks you in completely different ways, but he WILL attack if you profess a faith in Christ. Knowing his lies is the first step in combatting them.



  • Jennifer May 17, 2018 at 1:13 pm Reply

    Very poignant reminders. I’m so grateful you are doing this series!

    • AlyndaLong May 17, 2018 at 4:38 pm Reply

      Thanks so much, Jennifer! It’s been a long time coming:)

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