5 Articles We Should Read on the Lies of the Enemy

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Hello my lovely friends! Today, I am sharing five link-ups to other writers’s articles on lies of the enemy.

Please let me know which was most thought provoking for you!


Ashley at Titus2ToYou shares

about stepping out in faith when faced with adversity:

If you are in this spot now, facing a mountain of struggles as you try desperately to do the Lord’s will then read on and gain some insight on how to continuously take steps through that adversity.- Ashley at Titus2toyou.com Click To Tweet

Read more here:  Continuing to Step Out in Faith when Faced with Adversity


Jessica at Everyday Abiding shares

why battling the enemy can be so challenging for us:

And let’s not be fooled. Satan meets all the characteristics of a dream mate – on the surface, at least. - Jessica, Everyday Abiding Click To Tweet

Read more here: The Good Qualities of Satan


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Carolyn at Particularly Called discusses

The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare:


The devil hates all that is good, godly and happy – especially strong relationships. - Carolyn, Particularly Called Click To Tweet

Read more here: The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare

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Kirsten at KirstenKroeker.com shares

about the lie we are indispensable to those in our lives:


It’s good to be needed – it means you’re one of the world’s contributors and givers, not just a mooch or a taker. But it’s even better to have perspective. - Kirsten Click To Tweet

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Katie at My Joy In Chaos shares:

about the lies the enemy tells and how we are valuable to Christ.

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Read more here: You are not a Failure (with free printables!)


Blessings to you, my friends! Please let me know how I may pray for you as we battle the enemy’s fiery darts!


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